The Bridge World System Notebook Review

The HCS System Notebook usefully combines two major functions of interest to serious bidders. These capabilities are often packaged separately. Players who maintain one or more regular partnerships may find the combination especially convenient.

As the product name suggests, the main purpose of the program is to enable the user easily to record, modify and print sets of partnership agreements. The product's strength is that it makes these processes easy and efficient. Special attention is paid to matters of interest to tournament players (such as recording which agreements are Alertable in different contexts). Supporting the system-recording features is a deal generator, which enables you to product layouts (for partnership practice or self-study) that match your system, or part of it, or what you may specify in terms of suit lengths, HCP totals, controls or honor holdings. The linkage is very helpful for running experiments and for augmenting different system possibilities with examples.

The paper documentation is skimpy, but, as with virtually all modern software, help is on-screen. Starting with the on-line tutorial should mitigate most problems, even for members of generations old enough to remember printed instruction manuals.

Jeff Rubens
The Bridge World
November, 1998, page 17.
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